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Bengaluru, Karnataka   |   Full Time

About us

We are building this and this and this
In short, we are building the platform to drive global careers for millennials from emerging economies We work at the exciting intersection of the 2 hottest trends around - edtech & fintech! And we love that we succeed as a business while powering the dreams of talented students!

Founder Profile

Arnav Kumar is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur. Leap is his second company and he has raised more than $30M in capital for his startups. In his last role, he was a VC investor with SAIF Partners (Now Elevation Capital), which is an early investor in paytm, meesho, urban company, unacademy and many other unicorns. He thinks and tweets about Product, Business Models and Company Building, here

Vaibhav Singh is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur. He spent his first 6 years at DeutscheBank, across Singapore & Sydney to manage a $3Bn flow book. He has built 2 fintech startups before, as a founding member of CapitalFloat and Incred, both pioneering businesses valued >$500Mn The Leap team has a fine balance of industry experience (edtech, fintech, study abroad) and technical skills (engineering, product, design)

What traits we value as a company?

The attributes we value the most - 
1. How much energy do you bring to work
2. How much clarity do you bring to Leap's vision, goals and plans
3. Are you raising the bar for everyone else

We love high agency
1. We love bias for action
2. We love people who are relentlessly resourceful

We operate with growth mindset, not a mindset of fear or judgement
1.  We seek to serve the customer first then the company and lastly ourselves.
Hence e care about making the right decisions for the user and the company
even if it is at the expense of ‘ hat e individually think is right’. This means if
you are proven wrong but the decision benefits the user or the company you
should rejoice
2. We care about learning and getting better more than being ‘right’. We treat
feedback as a gift and as an opportunity to get better. Ask ‘ hat could I have
done better’ at every opportunity before blaming others or the circumstances.

We practise radical candour and transperancy
1. We give immediate and direct feedback and seek the same from others
2. We believe feedback is the breakfast of champion
3. We acknowledge giving actionable feedback that helps others on the team
to improve their is a shared responsibility
4. This point is very similar to point #3 but it is so important to us that it is worth

We measure output, not effort

We value ownership
1. We value problem solving and first principles thinking
2. We expect you to figure out things you don't know, find a workaround and still deliver
3. We expect that you are empowered by default and you will ask for help as needed
4. This point is very similar to point #2 but it is so important to us that it is worth repeating

Context, not control
1. We believe the manager’s job is to share context, not to exert control. It is the
individual's job to seek the right context, and factor that in their decisions and
actions. Once context is shred, mangers should step side and let the
individual take decisions and execute on the best course of action.

Life @ Leap

Mutual Respect

We love people who are ‘relentlessly resourceful’. Find your way out. Focus on the possibilities instead of the problems.

Bias for action

We take calculated risks backed by data and information available and encourage fail fast to find the best solutions as soon as possible

Learn & get better

Continuous learning and improvement is the key. We don’t stop learning. We treat feedback as a gift and as an opportunity to get better.

Growth mindset

We operate with a growth mindset and not a mindset of fear or judgement. You are in control of your own ability to learn and improve. We love Resilience.

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