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We are building this and this and this
In short, we are building the platform to drive global careers for millennials from emerging economies We work at the exciting intersection of the 2 hottest trends around - edtech & fintech! And we love that we succeed as a business while powering the dreams of talented students!

Founder Profile

Arnav Kumar is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur. Leap is his second company and he has raised more than $30M in capital for his startups. In his last role, he was a VC investor with SAIF Partners (Now Elevation Capital), which is an early investor in paytm, meesho, urban company, unacademy and many other unicorns. He thinks and tweets about Product, Business Models and Company Building, here

Vaibhav Singh is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur. He spent his first 6 years at DeutscheBank, across Singapore & Sydney to manage a $3Bn flow book. He has built 2 fintech startups before, as a founding member of CapitalFloat and Incred, both pioneering businesses valued >$500Mn The Leap team has a fine balance of industry experience (edtech, fintech, study abroad) and technical skills (engineering, product, design)


Introduction to the role :
The research team is responsible for sharing valuable insights collected through primary and secondary research and share it with the content/marketing and brand teams so that in-depth content that truly helps our customers, can be created. The role is investigative in nature and requires the candidate to have insatiable curiosity and the ability to spot trends and stories in data.

 The insights collected and shared by the research team will help us in the following :-

  • Understand the content consumption habits of our users better and orient our content strategy accordingly.

  • Understand the primary pain points and information gap that exists in the market and plug in the gaps to create an exhaustive content repository. 

  • Create infographics and videos based on the data collected through primary and secondary research, helping us establish ourselves as subject matter experts. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Take charge of identifying information sources, gathering and interpreting data, executing analysis, and presenting findings to case team members 

  • Conduct primary and secondary research on the behaviors and pain points of study abroad aspirants. 

  • Conduct in depth research on what a country, degree and course has to offer to aspiring candidates. 

  • Liaise with data teams, customer success teams and counseling teams to build an exhaustive list of frequently asked questions and create in depth answers for the same. 

  • Conduct surveys and understand the study abroad trends/behaviors/patterns and communicate them on a regular basis. 

  • Conduct a series of interviews and publish case studies on student experiences. 

Ideal Candidate must have

  • Strong quantitative/analytical background-

  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, both verbally and in writing-

  • Ability to work effectively in teams-

  • Impeccable research skills and interpretation skills

  • Must be good at conducting primary and secondary research 

  • Excellent Excel skills, must be comfortable with data and decoding insights. 

  • Curious; must stay abreast of the current happening in the study abroad space. 

  • Excellent reporting skills: Must be able to present the collected information succinctly. 

Candidate Persona

  • Business Journalists who have the ability to research and write experiential stories. 

  • Excellent data analysis and sorting skills. 

  • Market research analysts

Desired Skills and Experience

Research,Market Research,Project Management, 3+ years of experience in a market research agency. 

Why is this a great opportunity for the right candidate : 

  • Experienced founding team

  • Right to win - The founding team knows the business & its secrets inside out. We are starting with a significant head start and a precise plan of action

  • Barriers to entry - This is a specialized play with natural barriers to entry, allowing for significant value creation for all equity holders

  • Backed by marquee global investors

  • Exposure to all aspects of company building - exposure to investors, fund-raising, decision making, building the team & culture

  • All of the above perks of joining a high potential company very early, along with a competitive market salary.

Let's Chat : 

We are now building our leadership team and would love to chat with you
This is a great time to join the rocketship and participate in the upside -

  • You will have super interesting & challenging problems to solve

  • In a super fast-paced environment that will challenge you 

  • With enough resources to play offense 

  • And mentorship from the founding team 

Life @ Leap

Mutual Respect

We love people who are ‘relentlessly resourceful’. Find your way out. Focus on the possibilities instead of the problems.

Bias for action

We take calculated risks backed by data and information available and encourage fail fast to find the best solutions as soon as possible

Learn & get better

Continuous learning and improvement is the key. We don’t stop learning. We treat feedback as a gift and as an opportunity to get better.

Growth mindset

We operate with a growth mindset and not a mindset of fear or judgement. You are in control of your own ability to learn and improve. We love Resilience.

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